Friday, April 22, 2011

Headline: 14 Boy Craves Fruit! (experts baffled)

It's true! When we got home from our travels we picked up Ike and I thought he would be happy to see me but he seemed more excited about the bowl of cantaloupe in the fridge! Turns out that he missed all the fruits and veggies we eat around here. I was delighted! He didn't miss the green smoothies, because I make them really green, but after 2 weeks of no smoothies he can feel the difference the difference they make and now eats them without complaint.
Ike - making his messy Green Smoothie Face.

Yes, I did say "eat" the smoothie rather than "drink". That's because my smoothies are really green with nearly a pound of spinach and 5 - 7 leaves of kale, making about 3 servings of thick smoothie.

Ike also bragged to me that in his health class the teacher asked who gets more than 3 servings of fruits and vegetables a day and Ike was the only one. And I will brag to you and tell you that at the allergist's appointment yesterday his symptoms were much improved (and this is high pollen count time) and his eczema is almost completely gone! The doctor asked what he thought the difference was and Ike said, "I eat better than I use to" and then went on to tell the doctor that he doesn't really like meat!

I was so proud.


Pretty Pauline said...

I have two allergy kids, so this has me rethinking...

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