Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Daily Menu

People ask me what I eat everyday if I am not eating dairy (what?! No yogurt!??) or meat or processed food. Well, to tell the truth I do eat some processed sugar now and then but it makes me feel bad now that I am off it. However, I very rarely have dairy and I no longer like the texture of meat but I sure do love the salt the meat is seasoned with!

So my days usually look like this as far as food goes:

  • Always a green smoothie (about 20 oz. - usually enough to keep me happy for 3 hours)
  • Usually some fruit
  • Sometimes oatmeal or granola with a little almond milk and sliced fruit and cinnamon
  • Always a big salad (I mean huge. It takes forever to eat. I usually read while I eat even though diet books say that is a bad habit)
  • Either leftovers from dinner the night before or, hummus and toasted pitas, or homemade whole wheat bread with almond butter
Snack: Sometimes I need a snack
  • sliced veggies
  • fruit
  • small handful of nuts
  • very thin bread with almond butter and bananas
  • almond date rolls - yum!
  • leftovers
  • cup of hot tea 
Dinner:Veggies are the main course and side dish too! I will post some sample dinner menus tomorrow. Roland (he has a secret desire to be my blog coach) has been telling me that I need to create a list of dinner ideas. He is right.

We hardly ever need dessert after dinner. the nice thing about this diet is that all my nutrition needs are being more than met so my body doesn't crave sugar - not even during "PMS" time (which has disappeared with this diet). But if I have the need for a goodie I will make fruit or a fruit smoothie. We also make very low fat, low sugar kettle corn.

Tune in tomorrow for dinner menu ideas!

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Kimberly said...

Lovely post. This is a pre-answer to the email to you I have drafted and waiting to be sent. Please post the dinner ideas as well!