Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hot Yoga

Have you done hot yoga? Sounds like a terrible idea. I went to my first hot yoga class today. It was hot. Michelle, my running coach (she likes when I call her that) taught the class and it was amazing! I was amazing because I went to the class but I was not amazing in the class. Apparently everyone in the class can balance on their pinky toe. It was quite a talented group of very fit ladies.

I was inspired! I want to get good at yoga! So I will start going regularly (but maybe to a few classes that aren't so advanced) and build up to Michelle's class.

Hot Yoga seems like a terrible idea but it really is nice! Even in the summer but I think it would be especially nice in the winter. My goal, when I am back in town, is to go to the club 5 days a week and do exercise that won't hurt my foot: yoga, spinning, swimming...hmmm, what else?

I need to start posting regularly. After my upcoming trip I will start posting more consistently. I promise.