Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What CAN You Eat?

Fortunately most everyone who knows we are doing this seems excited and interested (maybe just being polite?). They are surprised too. We don't really look like vegans, what ever they look like. I think the stereotype is stringy hair, gauges, piercings, tattoos, hemp necklaces with crystal charms, and t-shirts with slogans like "I like animals more than people". But most of the vegan-ish people I have met the last few weeks have glossy hair, clear skin, slim bodies, and are generally cheerful, energetic, and quite hygienic. One guy needed a bath, but he was making me a vegan sushi roll so I didn't mention the bath.

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But nearly everyone asks: What CAN you eat?  This:

As much as I want:
Fresh Vegetables (try to get 1 lb a day - really hard to do!)
Cooked vegetables (again with the 1 lb a day - again, hard to do!)
Fruit (at least 4 a day )
beans, legumes, bean sprouts, and tofu
eggplant, mushrooms, peppers, onions, tomatoes

Cooked starchy vegetables and whole grains - 1 cup  (oatmeal, squash, corn, potatoes, brown rice, breads, cereals)
Raw nuts and seeds - 1 oz
Avocado - 2 oz
Ground flax seed - 1 tablespoon

I usually have a couple of pieces of fruit or a smoothie for breakfast, a big salad with all kinds of goodies for lunch, and another big salad for dinner with soup and a veggie side dish. Hummus and toasted whole wheat pitas are quickly becoming a favorite too. There are so many wonderful recipes to discover.


Annie said...

Robin, you are awesome! I have another friend who went vegan a few weeks ago and I have been really interested. Good for you. And inspiring.

Joyana said...

so Robin....I would absolutely come if you ever decided to host 'a day as a vegan' to SEE & TASTE what you get to enjoy, to try all new things on our taste buds and to inspire all of us to make a step forward to a healthier life....just sayin' :)

Linda said...

I'll come to the vegan party too, provided there is a ton of food, with no limabeans, brussel sprouts, or black eyed peas.

In spite of eliminating steaks and other "expensive" foods, have you found this diet is actually more expensive? For truly organic fruits & veggies, and for the majority of items which make it sound both palatable and non boring, it will probably require shopping at the co-op.