Monday, March 29, 2010

Drop Out

Hey, hey. Don't be thinkin' that just because I haven't posted for a couple of weeks that I dropped out of this new lifestyle! No way baby! I am in it all the way. I've been up in the mountains where you have to make an effort to find technology and I got too relaxed to make that effort.

But not too relaxed to be successful! I lost 4 lbs in the 2 weeks I was gone! I have NEVER lost weight on vacation before. I wasn't hungry at all. And I ate delicious food. My mom joined me for part of my vacation and she ate healthy with me the whole time and didn't complain once. She is a woman who lives mostly on chocolate, prime rib, and pastries - if she can do it anyone can.

Here is a link to a wonderful Veggie Lasagna that I've made twice now. I used whole wheat noodles and added a light sprinkling of pine nuts to the top. It was so so good! A little salty - but you know how I feel about salt - yum! I got this recipe from the FatFree Vegan Blog  one of my favorite sources for recipe ideas. Check her out.

Also - big news on the running front:
I ran 2 miles on Saturday!
Ack! I have never run 2 miles in my life! I'm pretty sure I ran/walked 1 mile in high school - but never 2 miles! I can't believe I did it!


Kimberly said...

Congrats on eating and weight loss, but especially on the running! That is awesome :-)

Sally said...



That is AWESOME.

Hannah said...

i havent run two miles since i fell through some ice and i was facing a frozen foot. great job mom!

Linda said...

Yes! Robin is a great cheerleader and a great cook. It ws great being at the cabin with her. That veggie lasagne is delicious, and so are the veggie burritos and the eggpant/garlic humus. I could totally do this full time if she were my cook. I have been doing "Nutritarian" (that's what she told me to call it) for one full week and I have lost 4 lbs. but the main purpose of my do this is not to lose weight but to lower my too high bad cholesterol.

Emily said...

Okay Robin, this is awesome! Now, I think you need to answer some of the questions I posted while you were gone.

Also, I need a menu plan for when Mom comes to visit me this week, so we can do this together! I want to support her Nutritarian eating plan!


SusanV said...

I am so glad you've been enjoying the lasagna! Thanks for linking to it!