Thursday, March 18, 2010

Good, Better, Best

Good news is that you eat this way while you travel. Ike and I had a layover in Seattle and I was getting hungry. We stopped at Starbucks to get him a hot chocolate and I noticed that they had oatmeal - plain - with your choice of toppings. So I ordered nuts on mine. Delicious and filling, a little salty, but good.

Better news is that when your mom takes you to Tucanos (brazilian meat resturant) there is a wonderful huge salad bar that even serves collard greens (took me a while to figure out that salty taste on the greens was bacon). She feasted on meat of all kinds and I didn't feel one bit left out. I don't even want meat anymore. Weird.

Best news - running at 3200 feet is so much easier than 6500 feet. And it is flat here. Most Idahoans will tell you that this is high desert country, but compared to Colorado it is positively balmy. I did my running homework and felt great!


Emily said...

Robin, this is a question that I've been wanting you to address, because I keep thinking of doing this but I don't think I can unless I know how to handle the following situation:

What do you do (when being a strict Vegan) when you are having a super busy day or string of days, and you simply do not have any time for meal prep? I mean, the kind of situation where you are so maxed out that you forget that it is a meal time, and when you realize it, you realize that you only have 5 minutes to eat a meal?

I rely a lot on "healty" convenience food options for times like these: yogurt (not vegan), string cheese (not vegan), a sandwich made with deli meat (duh, not vegan), lots and lots of grains (crackers, breads, pasta--vegan but not always the best options, and in excess), bowl of cereal (milk-not vegan), etc.

Before I would commit to trying this (and I want to) I would need a list of quick, satisfying convenience foods to get me through the days when I don't have time for meal prep.

I guess that some of this could be avoided by making a big batch of soup in advance, to last the whole week, and by chopping veggies in advance, so they're ready to go?

But what else?

Oatmeal just sounds so bland and unsatisfying.

Convince me that I could do this. :) Tell me how.

Emily said...

Another question: how long did it take you to get to the point where you didn't crave meat or dairy or sweet treats?

And a slightly different question is: how long did it take you to, not only not crave these things, but to then honestly feel like you weren't missing out (because even though I don't crave sweets when I'm pregnant, I have the memory of enjoying them, so I feel like I'm missing out--except that I don't have an appetite for them)?

Emily said...

I think you should do a detailed blog post for each of my comments.

I can't help being bossy.

Emily said...

And...I have an entrepreneur business plan that involves vegan eating and the cabin. We need to talk.

Linda said...

Emily has posted some good questions on this and previous blog that we all want answers to.

Celia Fae said...

I'm catching up on my reading and enjoyed reading your blog from start to finish this evening. What a fascinating journey you are on! I really can't believe it. It seems almost impossible to me, but there you are, doing it. Congratulations.