Saturday, March 6, 2010

PMS Update

You don't have to read this if it feels like TMI.

My sisters wanted to know about how this diet is affecting my PMS. I'm not one of those women who has to lock herself away for a week or use pharmaceuticals to get through PMS. My family reports that I get a little short-tempered and cry more often and make lots of chocolate goodies. I don't know what they are talking about. All I notice is that one week a month I am surrounded by idiots, have pimples, and I need chocolate and Ibuprofin.

I was actually surprised when my period started this week. My skin was clear, I felt good, I hadn't craved any junk food at all, on Wednesday afternoon I felt surrounded by idiots for a few hours, but they may actually have been idiots. I didn't really have any of the normal symptoms that signal that its that-time-of-the-month. No cramps. No cravings at all. Amazing.


What I ate yesterday:
  • 6:30 AM  fruit salad (oranges, grapefruit, pear, grapes, kiwi), a few walnuts
  • 11:30 steamed chard, zuchinni, mushrooms, onion and tomato; pita stuffed with spinach and homemade hummus
  • 4:30 dried apple chips, almonds
  • 6:30 Jason's Deli: Big green salad (dark greens) loaded with veggies and balsamic vinegar, whole grain crackers and hummus (it was salty! I miss salt the most).

I ran today. Pat me on the back.


    Linda said...

    Keep posting your menus. Maybe I'll get truly motivated before the book is available to me from the library.

    Linda said...

    Here's a pat, pat, pat on the back, and a hug. I'm proud of you!

    Melissa said...

    I'd love your recipe for hummus. Dave makes it and we really like it, but I'd love to see how you do it. :)

    You are amazing to me! hooray for healthy!


    Claire said...

    I have to say that the diet I've been on pales in comparison to yours. You have made a complete lifestyle change. I'm just not there yet. I don't have many cravings and I feel great but I am really looking forward to the day I can have a piece of bread. I crave salty too. Nuts are my friend. I'm proud of you! I want to run with you when we get back. But you will be far advanced by that time. Will you welcome beginners and pat me on the back too?

    Sally said...

    Awesome. I want these benefits.

    ann said...

    Robin - I am so proud of you and Roland!!! I wish you were close enough so that I could pat you both on the back. Ron and I read most of your blog and had some good laughs - We loved your PMS remarks - Oh my gosh - you are so cute and funny and I miss you and can't wait to see you this week!!! Annie in Boise

    Emily said...

    "they may actually have been idiots."


    Still laughing. :)