Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rotten Veggies

Before we started vegan I would buy vegetables. I knew I was supposed to feed them to my family so I bought a bag of __________ (insert anything green here) and kept it in the fridge until it was slimy, then I would toss it and buy another bag of _________ and repeat. If I served vegetables at a meal Roland would ask if we were having company. It was a big deal. My idea of veggies was frozen peas and carrots in a chicken pot pie (with a pre-made crust and soup as the gravy - this is still Ike's favorite meal).

I was proud of my fruit bowl. It usually had 5 or 6 pieces of fruit. But I often tossed out fruit when it got old. We ate other garbage instead.

This is what my fruit bowl looks like now. This will all be gone in 3 days. Imagine how great it will be this summer with peaches, melons, tomatoes! Yum!

Here is my fridge -stuffed full of green stuff. 

Lots of people have asked about how expensive this is. It is cheaper than our old diet of meat, cheese, processed foods, cereals, breads, cookies, chips, and junk. I will have a better idea of the expense in a week or 2. I will be able to compare it to last month.

I usually shop twice a week so the food is fresh and we will empty that "fruit bowl" and the fridge in about 4 days. We are eating lots and lots of food - it doesn't have a chance to get slimy!

What I Ate Yesterday:
  • Breakfast: baked apple with raisins and a little drizzle of real maple syrup, orange
  • Lunch: Tomato barley stew (so good! I added salt!), green salad, banana
  • Dinner: (pictured below) Whole wheat tortilla stuffed with "grilled" veggies (peppers, onions, red cabbage, and anaheim peppers), vegan fat free refried beans and guacamole. Ike added sour cream to his. Yum. I was too full to eat anything else.


martha corinna said...

I' really loving tuning into your blog.

Linda said...

you have inspired me. I went shopping and my frig looks like yours except there are a lot of non-vegan leftovers.
Day 2 and my cravings are killing me and I don't want to spend all this time chopping, and preparing.
I am reading Veganomican and thinking "yum" but I want someone else to prepare it all for me.

mandbrid said...

I feel ispired by you also...please keep posting.

Jessica said...

So seriously amazing. This kind of stuff is FASCINATING to me.

And especially because you seem to like cooking, as much as me, (which is what I blame on my never wanting to try something like this), so I am excited to watch how this works for you.

Sally said...


I used to have produce going bad in the fridge all the time. It still happens but much less frequently--I would say over the past 2-3 years I've done so much better and buying and using it.

I loved this post. I need the recipe for the Tomato barley stew. Yum.

Emily said...

So you said that Ike added sour cream to his dinner. How is that working right now--what are you adding in to your diet? Maple sugar is now okay? Do you feel worried about it triggering old cravings for sugar? Ike had sour cream, what made you decide to go ahead and buy that? Are you adding in dairy yet? And salt, you're adding salt in now? Do you think it would be hard not to add these things back in--does it increase your appetite for these items?

I want to know more about how you are transitioning with your eating, and why you're adding things in when you do. Also, I want to know about the boys--Ike and Noah. Are they still doing it? Have they had any kind of change in their growing bodies?

I'm very curious.