Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Emily has asked lots of wonderful questions in her comments and I will answer them ASAP. But I just got back from my  2 MILE RUN (ahem), actually it was 3.4 miles over all, and I am really stinky and the sweat is drying and that makes my skin itch so I need to jump in the shower.

What I really wanted to tell you was that the word "control" has been top of mind for me lately. I think I am enjoying my new found control over my body as much or even more than all the physical/mental benefits I am experiencing. And those benefits are very significant! But the control, I never felt like I had control over my cravings or my appetite.

It has been 6 weeks today that we started this program and I am in control of myself.

Self Control.

It's a wonderful, powerful new feeling. I love it.


Linda said...

I'll be taking my veg/tofu lasagne out of the oven in 15 min. For dinner we are having:
1. small, ripe Mexican manges
2. huge green salad with red peppers and tofu, and pinenuts
3. above delish lasagne which you made at your cabin

Linda said...

.....mangoes,that is. not manges which sound nasty

Jessica said...

THis is so completely fascinating. I wish I could sit down and have lunch with you and ask you a billion questions.

Also, I want a photo of you!

Robin said...

Jessica - let me make you a lunch! We'll have bean burgers with guacamole and a huge salad with cucumber, apples and walnuts and then citrus salad for dessert! Yum!