Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shopping Shopping Shopping

The first few weeks on this diet it seemed I was at the store everyday buying new food. I have settled down now and could get away with once a week shopping, but I usually go twice. This is what I buy:

Every Week
large bag  o' spinach (sometimes 2 bags)
large box of baby greens (organic!)
bag of peppers
apples (pink lady are my favorite right now)

As Needed:
broccoli (usually every other week)
snap peas (when they look good)
baby tomatoes
any produce that strikes my fancy (last week it was mangoes and strawberries)
frozen blueberries
frozen stir-fry veggies
frozen tropical fruits
frozen veggies
soy milk (we don't do very much soy)
Coaches oats
raw nuts
Balsamic vinegar (Kirkland brand)

For The Boys:
whole wheat bread, cottage cheese, bagels, yogurt, cheese sticks, tortillas, eggs, granola bars,Soy Energy Blend (our new junk food! In the snack isle).

Sun Flower Market
Every Week:
romaine lettuce
any produce that is fresh/in season (this week it was asparagus and more strawberries)
pita bread

As Needed:
dried beans (especially garbanzo as I make hummus)
roasted garlic (so good!)
flax seed

Of course there's a lot more that I buy for special recipes like whole wheat noodles (best price at King Soopers), seasonings, and stuff like lite soy sauce. Whenever I go to any grocery store I take a long observant walk through the produce department and snatch up anything that looks fresh. If it is on sale I'll buy multiples! But only buy what you can eat in a week. It only stays fresh that long. I am learning to buy less on the weeks Roland travels.

Now I mostly shop the produce department. It saves times. And money!

If you have suggestions for what I should be buying please tell me in the comments.


Performance Driven said...

Hey Robin, James here. I'm Sharon's partner in crime, one of the "coaches" who's been trying to get Roland healthy for the past 2 years. I truly have to congratulate you both. After all the "I'll start next month" lines Roland fed me, I wondered if it would ever happen. I'm really happy to see that you've both seen the light and are discovering daily just how much better life is when you're putting good fuel in your body. Sounds like you've kicked the food addictions and are on the way to insuring great health for years to come. I'm back from Asia in a week. I promised Roland we'd all get together for some additional teachings as soon as I'm home and over the jet-lag. Keep up the great work and continue to preach the word. It's a great thing to get yourself and your family healthy, but it's also tremendously empowering to educate others and help them find the way.

PS: If I can stay vegan in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, I'm pretty sure Roland can figure it out at conferences.

Linda said...

good list. I've been sick and am totally out of green leafy vegs + other items so I'm sending Alan to Costco with it.

Linda said...

Did I tell you that last weekend I realized on Sat. night that we were out of spinach & went into panic mode because I would be able to get any until Monday. 2 days with no spinach. I ate huge salads of leafy greens to make up for it, but I love those smoothies, sans ice. Maybe when summer is here I'll want it icy,