Monday, April 26, 2010

Little Set Back

Nine weeks ago I couldn't run for more than one minute. So I started a running club and invited a bunch of women who don't run. We begged our marathoner friend, Michelle, to coach us and signed up for a 5K at Garden of the Gods on May 1.

Here we are 9 weeks later, running for 2.75 miles! We talk about how amazing it is that we can run for more than 30 minutes! Remember back when we thought we would die after 1 minute!?

Not my knees - my knees are less hairy and more puffy.

The Sob Story Starts Here:

I was vacuuming my daughter's apartment (picked her up from college and helped her move out) and jammed the vacuum cleaner into my knee cap, dislodging the knee cap and causing great suffering and gnashing of teeth. A day later I was at the orthopedic specialist's office, begging him to make it better. He gave me a cortisone shot under the knee cap, prescribed some arthritis medication and told me not to run until it is healed. How long is that? One week? 3 months? Arrgghh!

Roland is concerned about my mental state. I have worked so hard for this - and to have it taken away by a vacuum cleaner - a cheap stinky vacuum at that! So he took me to the fancy runner's store (they don't carry clothes in my size) to get a special fitting for new running shoes. Oh, these shoes are so fabulous! I can't wait to start running in them.

I will run as much of the race as I can - and we will still celebrate our success with breakfast at Adam's Mountain Cafe (my new fav. restaurant) - but this isn't the real race for me. I need a new race to work towards - maybe something in June?


Trinity (of haiku tofu) said...

OUCH! Sorry your knee hurts! That darn stinky vacuum cleaner. Your race will still be fun- plus even if you have to walk most of it this time, it will be all the easier to beat your time during your second 5K!

I just did my first 5K this weekend... and yes, I do remember a few months ago when two minutes of running rendered me red and panting. It's awesome to make great changes for ourselves... even if vacuum cleaners want to bring us down. ;)

Jessica said...

I'm so sad for you. You know I'm training for my first marathon and I WOULD DIE if I couldn't do it. I think you should definitely do your best and then find another in 6 weeks! You are such a running rockstar and I can't wait to hear about BOTH races.

Emily said...

STUPID VACUUM! I just swore. You should know that in our house "stupid" is a swear word, and Ruby reminds me of it. I guess it is my swear word of choice. Poor Ruby, it pains her to hear her mom swear. "Stupid car!" "Stupid keys!" "Stupid garbage!" as I mutter under my breath.

This is a little setback, and I am so sorry. But, I think it is awesome that Roland got you new running shoes. Lucky you, the shoes, and the husband. :)

You are amazing! xoxo

Joyana said...

I want you to be there in whatever form you can!!! We love you...YOU are the reason the rest of us are running!!! We love you and will absolutely do another one with you :)

Sally said...

Bang! Stupid vacuum!

I hope your knee is feeling better, at least a little. You definitely need to do a race in June in LA on the Strand. I can find one for us. Heck, I can find 10 for us.

Alan said...

This is a very interesting blog and so i like to visit your blog again and again. Keep it up.


The Mitchells said...

Oh Robin, I feel your pain! I sucks to miss a goal you've worked so hard for! I fractured my foot training for a marathon and I was totally crushed. Just remember, there will always be other races!

Linda said...

ouch! and hurrah for steroid shots!
another hurrah for new shoes and for Roland!

Julie said...

I'm so sorry! I'm happy to hear about your fancy new shoes. Just be careful not to reinjure it by going to fast. I'll do a race next May with you if you are not too advanced for me. Maybe you could have a beginner's group again? You could be my coach!

Diana said...

Robin--don't forget about a little resource I live with--Marc. He might beable to help the healing come along a little faster. CALL HIM! I hate running set backs. I've experience a few and they are very mentally challenging. You'll get through it and I hope you consider yourself successful no matter how much of the race you run.