Monday, April 5, 2010

How To Get Back on The Vagon - Wagon

Before we ever started eating nutrient rich food, Roland told me he would have my cinnamon rolls for Easter. I said sure, but I wasn't going to indulge (self-righteous voice).

Well, we all indulged!

This is how I got back on the wagon:
  • Last night I threw out all candy that the boys didn't eat. I actually tossed it into the dirty garbage can in the garage. I've never thrown sugar away before. It is empowering. (They aren't much for candy - so I tossed quite a bit. I bought the same amount as last year - so guess who ate all the candy last year?)
  • Drank 2 large glasses of water before bed.
  • Ate a large spinach smoothie first thing this morning.
  • Went on a long walk.
  • Ate a huge salad and pita and hummus for lunch and ate until I was stuffed. 
I am on the wagon. There is still some coconut cake in the fridge, waiting for my boys, but it doesn't even tempt me now.

I am so thrilled! This is a big step. I think I can really do this the rest of my life. Maybe have a little "unhealthy" food now and then - if I really want it. But what I really want is wholesome nutrient rich food.

Michelle, my running coach (it makes me feel snotty to say that), asked me what I do when I crave junk. I told her I eat an orange or some raisins. But really, the answer is, I don't actually crave junk anymore.

Weird hu?


martha corinna said...

Good for you! Your new life is so inspiring.

I love forwarding some of your posts to my husband because little by little we are weening out almost all meat, except fish, I don't think that will ever happen. In fact, we challenged my parents to a 'Mediterranean' (that is what I call it because it is pretty lean with lots of fruits and vegetables) diet for a month because my mom could use some encouragement to cut back on the sugar and meat. Your posts have really inspired me to make her do it. Thanks.

Diana said...

I am so jealous of you robin it makes me, in all my emotionally charged glory, want to cry. but i'm also really happy for your new found self control--i want to find some myself right now, but maybe i'll wait until the baby is born.

Robin said...

Martha and Diana - thanks for your encouraging words. They really do make feel like I can do this!

Julie said...

I'm so glad you could indulge without going over the edge! Great job. I made that coconut cake too. It's really Steve's mom's recipe and for years and years I had to keep it a secret. Now that she doesn't have her bed and breakfast anymore I tell a few people. Just people I like. :) I want to try that spinach smoothie. I love smoothies but I only do fruit and yogurt. I don't know if I could get past the color.

Hans and Michelle said...

It makes me feel a little snotty to be called a running coach.

Sally said...

You are awesome. I am impressed and I admire you!!