Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Money Money Money

Probably the most often asked question I get is:

"It must be so expensive to eat this way!"

Okay, so that isn't a question. But it sounds like a question when people say it. Actually, it isn't expensive at all. In fact it is cheaper.

Our monthly grocery bill, for a family of four, was right around $850 per month (this generally includes toothpaste, light bulbs, and other sundries). Now we are spending at least $50 less per month - maybe even less than that - I only have 2 months of data to compare to our old eating habits.

I think it seems more expensive because the standard American eater looks at produce as a side. They are willing to shell out $2.99 for chicken, $3.00 for milk, and .65 for a single yogurt. But produce, a side dish (right?), seems expensive if you buy it and let it rot in the fridge.

Tomorrow I will tell you what I buy every week.

What I ate today:
Huge Spinach Smoothie
3 mile run/walk
Big fat green salad with veggies and baslamic vinegar
1/4 cup Soy Energy Mix (Costco in the snack department)
Oranges and Grapefruit (make extra for breakfast on the road tomorrow!)

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