Monday, October 25, 2010


This week:

I'm will make 2 new soups and a new salad from the Moosewood Cook Book.

I will re-read The China Study.
I will DVR a show called "Good Eats"
I will put the following cookbooks on hold at the library:
  • Claire's Cornucopia
  • The Conscientious Cook
  • Fit For Life
I will exercise one hour 5 days a week (ack!)

1 comment:

the wrath of khandrea said...

alton brown! good eats is fascinating. i love that show. the guy is brilliant with food science. truthfully, i think a food science would be a fascinating major.

also, this girl was telling me that she walks every day for an hour. she calls her mom who lives in chicago, and the mom walks at the same time as the daughter, and they talk on the phone. i imagine if they walk well, it's a fairly winded conversation. but still... i know you have all those crazy sisters who might just enjoy such an activity. it's a thought.