Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's Citrus Season!


This is my favorite breakfast. It goes something like this:

Stumble downstairs, grab large glass of water and check emails - take care of critical stuff first. 
Notice hunger pains
Think about toast with butter and jam 
Decide no
Drink XL green smoothie
Eat a orange & grapefruit salad

Ahh. No hunger for 4 hours (but you do need to drink that water!).

This is how I make the salad: 
1. Make sure your knife is sharp. I have a sharpener and will happily do yours.
2. Slice citrus into wedges
3. Cut citrus off the peel
4. Cut citrus into bite-size pieces
5. Eat it all. 

An orange and grapefruit for breakfast is a lot of fruit, but I used to eat sugar cereal for breakfast, I like a sweet start to the day. This start keeps your blood sugar stable and your tummy satisfied for hours. 

Citrus Season will last into March and almost into April. Then you will notice the quality starting to deteriorate. So enjoy them now!


Emily said...

My favorite breakfast since I got pregnant 3 months ago? Well, it ain't sweet cereal anymore! Oh boy! No way! That stuff almost has the instant affect of making me feel ill, nauseous and faint (light headed--it totally affects my blood sugar and blood pressure!).

Lately I've been enjoying a piece of fruit (ranging from a large banana, a few kiwi, or a pomelo which is very similar to grapefruit) and a bowl of cooked quinoa with just a dusting of brown sugar on top. The quinoa is a better source of proteine than oatmeal, but it still satisfies my cereal/grain-like craving. (did you know that quinoa is actually a SEED?! Cool.)

Sally said...

I love citrus season and just spent some time explaining to my children that produce is seasonal. Nate wants to have raspberries with dinner tonight and I told him that we could have frozen raspberries, or fresh, but the fresh raspberries probably won't be so great if we can even find them, because they are not in season.

I also love stone fruit season. And watermelon season. Summer fruits. aaaaahhh