Monday, January 14, 2013

Turkeys or Wieners?

Which one are you?
When I googled "Turkey and Wiener" this was the image I found. Ha!

My friend and super-sonic-woman, Sharon, told me there are 2 types of people when it comes to making big changes, turkeys and wieners. Turkeys go cold turkey when making a change and wieners slowly wean themselves off the old and into the new.

I've been a wiener the first 2 weeks of 2013 but today I decided to go TURKEY STYLE! Why? Well, I did my Monday morning weigh in and found that I lost 3 lbs last week. I credit that to working out 5 days in a row because I certainly was taking my sweet time weaning myself off the corn chips and roasted cashews (ahhh salt!) along with other "treats" that really aren't treating my body very well.

So, how well will I do eating E2L perfectly? Very well, thank you! I'll weigh in next Monday and let you know.

Also, can I get a back pat for working out 5 days in a row?


Emily said...

A GREAT BIG BACK PAT! This is exciting! I can't wait to see your progress! You can do it!

Sally said...

Five days in a row is great!

I want to hear all about your turkey style.

Elizabeth said...

When I was first inspired by you and Celia to try dr f I was a turkey (and it was so so good) now a few years later I still try to eat to live everyday and tell anyone who will listen how much I love it.
Ps well done you !

Linda said...

pat on the back and a good hug.
I keep losing weight each month *when I eat right*.
I weigh 40# less than I did 3 years ago when I started all this.