Friday, July 30, 2010

Younger Next Month

This is a good book:
Sure it says "Live like 50" but I think if you start early you can live like 40 or 30!  I definitely feel younger now than I did in February. And I am doing all kinds of new stuff. Like mountain biking. Down a mountain.

If you are older or if you have parents I recommend this book to you (them).  It is fairly repetitive so I found myself skimming parts and jumping ahead and still getting the message.


Linda said...

I've requested it from libray. There is also a "Younger Next Year FOR WOMEN: Live Like you're 50--Strong, Fit, sexy--until you're 80 and Beyond," by the same author. I don't know if I can stand being any sexier.

Sally said...

Mom gets best comment of the summer!

I gave this book to my FIL as a retirement gift and it really motivated him.