Tuesday, November 2, 2010

For Newbies

I've been getting quite a lot of email about our success on this plant based diet. I suggest that if you are truly interested in changing your health you read the book "The China Study". It will answer your questions. Another great book is "Eat to Live" (but the recipes in the older book aren't so good).

Also, I've added something new to my sidebar. It is a list of my selected posts, starting from the beginning, that have good information about this diet works (don't care for the word "diet" but that is what it is). If you are thinking about making big changes some of those posts might be interesting. Of course, I think every post on this site is amazing and you should read them all while you eat a green smoothie and some freshly picked apples.


Cindy Marsch said...

Great inspiration you are, Robin! Your links on the side need a little editing--they have doubled "http://" and don't go where they should.

Thanks for being there, and being so classy about it! :-)


Robin said...

Cindy - Thanks for the head's up! I just fixed it

Elizabeth said...

I am a very new newbie ... I read Eat to Live after Celia posted about it and I am trying to make some changes. I love this blog and it has been a great source of info. So thanks.