Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I'm thankful for my husband who cautiously gave me "Eat to Live" for Valentines Day and sincerely asked me to read and follow the book for 6 weeks. It takes a strong (or clueless) man to give his wife a diet book on Valentine's Day. But it ended up being a wonderfully romantic gesture of love as our lives have changed so much for the better.

I'm thankful for friends who have encouraged me, taught me to run, made me go to the Y, shared fabulous recipes and food ideas, and patted me on the back. I truely am blessed with dear friends.

I'm thankful for children, sisters, and a mom who changed over to a plant based diet - making my change all the more exciting and fulfilling. And I am thankful that they are proud of me. Again, I am so blessed.

I'm very thankful for every single comment on this blog. Thank You.

And, finally, after years of complaining and wondering what was wrong with me, I can happily say I am thankful for a wonderful body that has energy, works hard, wakes up early, thinks clearly, and feels great!

Happy Thanksgiving indeed.


Elizabeth said...

Your lifesytle change is inspirational. How great is your Hubby for kicking it all off.

Cindy Marsch said...

Excellent, Robin! What a sweet spirit you have, and great encouragement.

Salt H2O said...

Robin, you look fabulous! Someday I hope to have the strength to follow your example.

Elizabeth said...

Hello again Robin,

I linked this blog to a post I did on my blog today. I hope that is ok. If not please let me know.
Thanks & kind regards