Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Joy Of Eating Clean!

It's just so awesome that summer is here! So many lovely things to eat. I look back at the bleak months of winter and how oranges were really the only treat that was in season. Now, there is so much to eat!

What I Ate Today:

Breakfast: Big fat bowl of watermelon before I gardened for 2 hours
Snack: Large (20 oz) green smoothie with lots of frozen blueberries
Lunch: Gabe's delicious veggie curry with garbonzo beans and wild rice
Snack: more smoothie (leftovers) and small handful of corn chips and large bowl of watermelon
Dinner: Large green salad with roasted veggies and hummus

For dessert: Strawberries and blue berries

Those green smoothies are like caffeine for me. They just power me up. I have been so super productive today, checking things off my list that have been there for weeks.

And I feel fabulous! This is the cleanest eating day I have had in months! WOW! I feel great! Exclamation Points!!!


Linda said...

Gabe's delicious veggie curry with garbonzo beans and wild rice.....
GABE: Will you pleeeeze make this for us at the cabin???

Linda said...

I special ordered some maharajah curry (recommended by ffv)& it just arrived. I will bring it to the cabin so
Gabe can make the veggie curry.... drool

Lisa-Marie said...

I just sent my sister over to your blog. She is hoping to start eating more whole foods. I just might have the courage to give this (or something similar) a go if I have her by my side. Wish us luck! And thank you, Robin, as always for your inspiration. Even if I've only been watching from the sidelines, I've still been watching.