Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Green Goddess Club

My friends Angie and Kelly have been eating healthy for years. They approached me about starting a healthy eater's group. I had to think about it for a month or so, I didn't feel qualified to hand out advice after only 4 months on a healthy diet. But they convinced me that it was a good idea.

Like 15 year olds starting a band, it was all about the name. I wanted to name it "Hippie Chics" or "Hemp Honeys" but Kelly nixed that. Finally we settled on a name and sent out this email:

Who?    You!
What?   Our very first Green Goddess meeting!
When? June 15th – 8:00 PM

Where? Angie's Home

After years of people asking why we eat this way, how we eat, what we eat, and telling us how hard it would be for them, we have joined our super green goddess powers to bring our “exceptional expertise” (ha!) to you. We will discuss food. How to eat so your body will thrive! How to eat to avoid disease and illness! How to feed your family so they can be their very best! This is all very exciting.

Our panel of “experts” (wink) include:
Kelly – life long healthy eater – creates healthy food that tastes great
Angie – healthy eater for 8 years – passionate about nutrition and excellent food
Robin  – the newbie who is turning her life around through superior nutrition

R.S.V.P.reply to this email today so we can prepare enough delectable samples

Disclaimer: We are not professionals. We have degrees, but not in nutrition. We are not selling anything. We would like to be on Oprah and make lots of money, but mostly we want you to feel as good as we do.

Feel free to send this to anyone you think would be interested in joining us!


So, 28 women showed up. We talked about how we got started, why we love to eat this way, and then we ate delicious food that is healthy and nourishing for our bodies (green smoothies, black bean mango salsa, and fajita burritos). Ladies stayed until late - we practically had to kick them out. It was fun!

It was such a success that we are having our next meeting in July. 

You are invited.

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Emily said...

I would show up and demand all of your attention. :)

You know what would be a fun meeting to do after a few meetings to establish the group? To call up Whole Foods and find out if they have a demo kitchen, and if they'd do a special demo for your group (and provide the food). OR, even a Trader Joe's because they have that sample station.

Either way, with 28 women, you'd probably want people to RSVP and do it in 2 shifts of 14 women each.

FUN FUN FUN! You are inspiring me. My Kick Off date is in 5 days!