Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I am the Unicorn

I feel like the unicorn after I exercise. And it is so much easier to eat well when you are moving your body! On Monday we joined Lifetime Fitness (tell them I recommended you so I can get more bonus bucks for training!). It doesn't open until May - but I am walk/running now. Still fighting with my feet about feeling good and trying to decide if I should just exercise through the pain or take it easy.

It's nice that the granny orthodics that go in my shoes make me look an inch taller. 
Yay for looking tall!

Dinner last night was French Lentil Soup. Recipe here.  I added avocado, of course. 

Champagne Mangoes are in at Costco - not organic at all - but oh so wonderful!


Emily said...

I love that cartoon picture. I love you!

Angelina said...

I just found your blog recently and am grateful I did! I'm so inspired by your story. I have been leaning towards a vegan lifestyle for a decade now with seasons of it scattered here and there but this Valentines Day I committed fully to changing my life in this way for many reasons. I look forward to keeping up with your journey! ~namaste

Linda said...

Fresh plump blueberries at our Costco. I made your fat free spinach lasagne again tonight with HUGE salad mixed greens, blueberries & blueberry vinagrette. yum!