Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Planter Fasciitis

Didn't the title of this post get you all excited!? Were you asking yourself, "Oh my! What could this be about? Looks super interesting!" 

Over on my other blog I posted about falling down due to my planter fasciitis. I have been complaining about here too and many of you have told me that you suffer the same pain.

Its so much easier to eat healthy when you can exercise and PF stops me dead in my tracks. But I have found a website full of PF exercises and have been doing them for 2 days now and I am starting to feel a little bit better!

For your PF pain here is the link: Heel That Pain!


Lisa-Marie said...

That link looks so very helpful. My sister was just diagnosed with PF and is MISERABLE. It makes me so sad for her. I sent her this link. I hope it will help her.

I'll keep my eyes out for the perfect shoe for you right here in Rexburg. What do you think the chances are? Well, I'll look anyway!

P.S. I bet you fall with dignity. Just like you do everything else in your life.

Pretty Pauline said...

Your blog is a total treasure-trove for me today!!!!! My heel pain has been a hindrance to some activities I've tried. :(