Thursday, August 26, 2010

3 Months

I was doing some housekeeping and found a post that I wrote 3 months into the diet but for some reason I didn't ever post it. So, for your reading pleasure: A never published post from 3 months ago!



Roland and I have been nutritarian for 12 weeks now. It seems like we were just high fiving our 6 week goal and suddenly here we are at 12 weeks.

I've read back through my initial entries and have a different perspective now that I have some distance from the first few weeks. The first week was more difficult than I realized. I emotionally prepared myself and was ready for a tough time, so when you read the original posts, it sounds easy breezy when in fact in was hard. Not hard because I was hungry. I wasn't hungry at all. And I didn't really miss junk food or meat. There were so many new foods to try. And I love to cook and there were lots of new recipes.

What was hard was changing a life long habit. Change can cause struggle but struggle brings strength. And boy, am I much stronger now than I was in February!

When I look back on the first 2 weeks I remember that we were tired, the withdrawal from our previous diet made us feel weak and a little flu-ish. We watched a lot of TV during those weeks. And I was consumed with what I was eating. I thought about it all day long. I was obsessed.


Folks - that's all I wrote. But I think it is interesting to read because each month the diet just gets easier and easier. Sure, I crave junk sometimes and please don't leave an open bag of Doritos near me. But I've been at this long enough that it feels natural and normal. I can eat without thinking and planning as much. 


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