Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back To What?

Back to school lunch? Back to junky cold lunch? Nope.

Ike and I did his back to school shopping today and that included lunch stuff. We walked up and down all the isles at Costco looking for healthy lunch options. Let me tell you, it was slim pickin's!

Ike's health has improved so much this summer. His skin has always been covered with large rough patches of eczema and scabs and now it is smooth and soft with only a few small patches on his ankles - this is almost miraculous to me. The dark circles under his eyes are gone. He can breathe through his nose. He just feels so much better. I believe it is because we removed nearly all animal products and processed foods from his diet (I say nearly because he will nab fried mozzarella sticks and Doritos when given the opportunity) and because he drinks a green smoothie everyday.

It has been pleasantly surprising to see that he wants healthy food. He now prefers almond milk to cow's milk and finds processed food to be too salty/sweet or just yucky. But what 13 year old is going to choose cucumbers over tater tots? It will be interesting to see if his health declines when he goes back to school and is surrounded by unhealthy food. And it will be interesting to see if he is ready to take his health into his own hands and choose healthy food at school.

In addition to fresh fruit and veggies and organic p-nut butter honey sandwiches on whole wheat bread, here are the healthy lunch options we found at Costco:

Mrs. Mays dried fruit
Mrs. Mays Trio bars (not his favorite but I think these are so amazingly yummy)
Lara bars ( again - not his favorite but I love them)
Grapefruit cups (he likes grapefruit!)
Stretch Island dried fruit bars

Last year we did yogurt, chips, carrot sticks and a lunch meat sandwich. So I need more options for this year.

Any ideas?
ps - Haiku Tofu - will you send me a link to your private blog? I miss you!


princess singular said...

My kids like to snack on edamame, which is easily portable and keeps well during the day. Great blog!!

Linda said...

I just made some of the CCL sweet potato sticks that taste great! They would keep great in a lunch sack.
That pictured tray of junk food has no appeal for me any more. Amazing. I'd rather eat some raw nuts and some veggies.

Sally said...

Nuts, hummus sandwiches, dried fruit, bottled green smoothies (just shake and drink), fruits and veggies, soups in a thermos, whole grain pretzels. Those are some of the things I'll be packing this year.