Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Testimonial III - Princess

If I get any more testimonials I will have to revert to arabic numerals because once we hit #4 I get confused on roman numerals.  But go ahead and send me more testimonials and I'll see what I can do.

Here is another wonderful testimony of a healthy vegan diet. This was left in my comments by a lovely woman who goes by Princess Singular. I think she deserves a big pat on the back and lots of sun shiny attention (especially because she is in Boulder where it is VERY COLD):
I started this journey in September, weighing 189 lbs and a size 20. Not sure exactly how much weight i've lost since I don't own scales and don't really need to go to my doctor anymore! I am guessing about 45 lbs. Today, when I went to try on pants at the mall I discovered I am a size 10!!....and if that didn't leave me in enough shock, the salesgirl asked me something I never thought I'd be asked "We have in some cute new pencil skirts, want to try one on?" I am still in shock. It almost seems "too easy" and anyone who has tried to lose weight on any plan other than Dr. Fuhrman's will know what I mean. It is such an enjoyable lifestyle (ok the first week was a little icky).....Just wanted to say thanks for your is, indeed, a huge help and support system. There is really no other blog like it out there. I live in Boulder, a really tough town to be "fat" there isn't a lot of support here because there are almost no overweight people. Your blog means a lot to me. Thanks so much!! 
Princess - Boulder is a vegan eater's dream! So many great vegetarian restaurants! I'm glad you are doing so well. Thanks for sharing your encouraging experience!


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princess singular said...

thanks for the shout out Robin! Boulder is a pretty easy place to get good vegan stuff! If I remember correctly you live near Colorado Springs. You have probably already discovered this but if not they just opened a Savory Spice Shop down there and those shops are amazing! Last night I made Dr. F's anticancer soup and put in some Herbes in Duxelle salt free seasoning made out of dried shitake and other mushrooms and it was the best soup I have ever had in my life!!! That shop is a lifesaver for those of us trying to go low sodium as the seasoning options there are limitless!