Monday, February 14, 2011

Those Damn Girl Scouts

I always buy 3 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies from a darling girl scout in our neighborhood. If the girls scouts were hairy and stinky and surly it would be a lot easier to say no to them. This year I planned on taking them to a party or giving them to the teachers. But Ike opened the door and got the cookies first. He opened the Samoas. Have you had the Samoas? If not, please don't ever taste them or you will always feel like you need them. 

So I said I would have just one. One hour later they were all gone and Ike only had 2. 

I console myself by telling myself they were tiny cookies and only 15 in a pack. Eating a baker's dozen wasn't that bad, right?

I felt sick the rest of the day.

Here is a cute Valentine my BIL made for my sister (read her blog):

If you wear green today it means you want to be kissed!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Emily said...

OH! I know! Isn't that guacamole heart SOOOOOOOO cute? :) Okay, maybe not "cute" but still thoughtful and sweet. And delicious. And plant based. And not samoas cookies. And I didn't feel sick after eating it. :)



Emily said...

p.s. In case you're wondering, it is a layer heart: beans, corn salsa, and guac on top. That's why it do I say...that way.


Colleen said...

i LOVE samoa cookies. but i am now gluten free so i wont be having any. unless someone can figure out how to make them gluten free? i guess i will just go eat some kale and pretend they are samoas.
p.s. so not the same

Diana said...

I like the IDEA of girl scout cookies but last year I realized that they make my mouth taste gross afterwards. All of them--the thin mints, the lemon kind, and most especially the samoas. I can definitely live with out girl scout cookies. But there are other treats I cannot live without like chocolate dipped strawberries--which we are having tonight. :) But your sister's valentine looks very appealing to me. YUM

Kristen said...

You swore on your blog!

That valentine is NOT cute! But it does show love. :)

Kristen said...

I am wearing green head to toe... but no takers. :(

Melissa said...

I'll smooch you KK, come on over! Henry will lay a big juicy one on you too!
I wish.

I've avoided the GS's this year, I don't know why they didn't come knocking, but I'm glad.

The guac looks delicious to me... :)