Thursday, January 6, 2011

6 Weeks Countdown!

12/28/2010 Monarch, Colorado
We've been eating right for 46 weeks (only 6 weeks to go until ONE YEAR!) and we can now do fun stuff with our kids! 
There was no way I was skiing last year. 
Yay for feeling AWESOME!

When I first started blogging about this I was told that one of my posts hurt someone's feelings. In the post I reported that a meal, in someone else's home, made me feel ill and I was amazed that such a small thing as food choice (not so small after all right?) could have such a huge impact on my wellbeing. The person who prepared that meal read the post and felt hurt.

I felt horrible about it. Here I am trying to make the world a better place and I hurt someone's feelings? Whaa! I wondered if I was doing the right thing. Food is a very sensitive issue and I didn't want my enthusiasm for new found health to offend those I hold dear. I decided that I had to speak out and hope that I helped more people than I hurt. So I kept the blog going. And now here we are only 6 weeks away from ONE YEAR of healthy lifestyle!

Join me as I count down the last 6 weeks to One Year of Success!

P.S. The person whose feelings were hurt still loves me and I love her so we are fine.


Karena said...

Love how happy and healthy you look! Congrats on your success and the year-milestone you're getting set to reach.

I've been playing around with being vegan/nutritarian for a number of years, ever since first reading the China Study. The playing around is over - when my mother-in-law goes home next week, I start ETL. Your blog has been wonderful inspiration. Thank you!

Linda said...

And a big THANKS from your mom who brought you up on an Adelle Davis nutrient rich, albeit carbohydrate rich, high protein & animal product American diet before you showed her a better way to eat. It has been a very positive change for me!

But boohoo, today I was able to definitely pinpoint the source of my extremely annoying, ugly, itching rash & skin problems: chocolate.
After I give my poor old body a rest from choc. for about 2 weeks, I will try raw cocoa nibs. Hopefully it's just the milk & other added products during refining and they (the nibs won't bother me.
I'll let you know.

Kristen said...

I am so happy for you and proud of you! You are inspiring.

Okay... here it goes. I'm starting this on Sunday. I am dreading it. I need as many EASY, FAST meals I can prepare. I created my first weeks menu and I'm worried cause it is almost all green smoothies (which I am used to and enjoy), big green power salads, and two soups.

If I could find someone local to do my cooking for me for the first 6 weeks I would try my best to pay, barter, trade with them for that service. Any takers in the Boise area??

Robin, can you just make extra portions and fed-ex them to me every week? ...kidding, sorta, not really, but kinda.