Thursday, January 20, 2011

No Jiggles

The shoes Roland gave me for Christmas. They are running shoes but I wear them to my training class too.

Can't move - too tired.

My "ultimate training" teacher at the YMCA is so good that people arrive 25 minutes early to get into her 9:00 class. I go to the 8:00 class that isn't nearly as crowded. Oh, she kicks our butts. Nothing on her body jiggles. Not even her boobs jiggle. Some of the exercises we do are impossible to do. I try to do them but sometimes I lose my balance and fall a little. I think I am the fattest person in there and that is after losing 50 lbs! But everyone is nice to me. They don't care what I look like because they are there for themselves - not to critique others.

It isn't an easy thing to do at first but then when I get going I actually like it! Amazing.

What type of exercise works for you?


Kimberly said...

I MUCH prefer doing classes or working out with a trainer. I tend to slack off if I'm working out alone - don't push myself as hard or don't work out quite as long as I had planned. For me, it's worth the extra money to have a trainer because that's how I see results!

Elizabeth said...

Your new shoes look great!
I like to do a class at gym like boxercize or step (yeah we are about years behind the States lol).

Jasmin said...

I'd love to be a marathoner some day, so I need to motivate myself a bit more to go running. :)
I've got a few runs coming up this spring!