Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beans, Beans! The Magical Fruit!

The more you eat 'em the more you toot!

So true. Try Beano.

Beans are saving me this winter. My appetite is bigger than it was in the summer probably because my body is trying to stay warm. Yesterday I ate a bowl of hummus  on cucumbers for a mid morning snack. It was a pretty good sized bowl and it filled me up and kept me happy for 5 hours!

My favorite way to eat beans is in hummus but I also like them in salads, in soups, and black beans fresh out of the pressure cooker as a side dish. When I eat them with hummus I like to divide a whole wheat pita into 2 thin pieces (sometimes you need to toast it a minute so it will separate easily) and then toast those pieces until they are crispy and use them as crackers for the hummus.  Search for a good quality pita with as few ingredients as possible and store them in the fridge. The homemade pita chips and hummus are filling and make a very satisfying snack. Sometimes I will have that everyday!

How do you eat your magical fruit?


Miss Mary said...

Hi Robin! Found your blog originally through Celia, and now I love your blog too! You are very inspiring and I love reading about what you are eating and how you are feeling about it. I also love beans, and could eat them all the time. Lately, I have been roasting chickpeas and eating them crunchy. Yum! Keep up the great work and the great posts!

princess singular said...

I love black beans and eat them over a head of romaine at lunch with 1/4 avocado and red onion and some salsa..kind of a "taco salad" if you will. I never get tired of it!!

Jen and Kent said...

Robin...I have the recipe for you! We had beans for dinner tonight and Abbie says to me 'hey, isn't this how the Smiths eat?' It was yummy! An easy skillet meal wiith brown rice, corn, black beans, some yummy spices and topped with fresh tomatoes, avocado, cilantro...I'll bring over the recepie ;)

Robin said...

Thanks for the bean ideas and Mary - thanks for the very kind words!

Come step into my reality. said...

I love making Black Bean Burgers. This is my favorite recipe:

Linda said...

My favorite is BlackBean, Quinoa & SweetPotato Croquettes (or patties) by Dreena Burton here: (but I don't usually make the chipotle cream.)

Almost as good is fatfreevegan's version here: