Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Resolution Idea

I have to laugh at my last post made in ernest hope that I would really do that! I made it through the Holidays without much damage - in fact I still haven't gained weight in spite of eating too much sugar and fat. But I wasn't tempted one bit by cheese, butter or meat. I feel a little repelled by those foods. If only I could feel repelled by sugar! That would be awesome.

If you are new to the idea of a plant based idea click over to my friend Celia's web site - she has some good advice for you. If you are worried about diving in all the way may I suggest you just start incorporating green smoothies into your daily diet? I have a recipe posted here and my sister has one posted here. They have made huge difference in my life and my husband swears by them.

If you haven't set a New Year's Resolution I think you should resolve to have a big (at least 12 oz I usually have 24 oz) green smoothie everyday! And then sit back and see how awesome 2011 will be!


Julie said...

I'm IN for the smoothies! Just 2 more weeks and I'll need a tutorial. Yummy!

Julie said...

I want an umbrella too...where can i buy them?

Linsey said...

Okay, I think I can do the smoothies. You are such an inspiration, but I'm not sure I can manage to go cold turkey. I already feel a little overwhelmed with grad school, a new diet (i.e way of life) might just push me over the edge. But, I'm going to Costco tomorrow and I'm going to buy the ingredients for the smoothie (in bulk) and, at a minimum, I will finish them before giving up. I'm hoping to be a convert before I get to the end of the bag of spinach.

Robin said...

Julie - come on over!

Lindsey - buy the organic stuff - it tastes better!

Linda said...

umbrella's: at any party store or kitchen store. Big Lots has them most of the time.

I like the way smoothies taste, make me feel, & give me extra energy & freedom from arthrisis pain, so much so that I'm even making them in Mexico everyday for breakfast or for afternoon pickup.
I'm not EVEN hungry for dinner if I have my smoothie about 4:00. That's 2 tall glasses - 20-24 oz.
I like them best with pineapple, fresh, or froz. unsweetened juice concentrate, and with mangos--usually frozen chunks from Costco or Winco or Walmart.

Celia Fae said...

Hey, I forgot to tell you, thanks for the link. I'm so glad you are posting often. It keeps me on track.

Since I've been writing again about the veg thing, I've felt more accountable to it. Interesting.

How many converts do you have now? I've got some, and I can't believe it. Too bad you didn't start this like an MLM because you'd already be rich.