Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tasting Normal

I am glad to be back on the vagon (vegan wagon).

Last summer I went to a big craft show with a neat group of ladies on my street - commonly referred to as neighbors, I have nice neighbors - it was one of those craft shows where people buy tickets in advance and line up early to get in. Even so, it can't hold a candle to Boise's Art In The Park. But I digress. There were lots of food samples at the show, gift foods, fancy foods, stuff you would serve at a party. There was one booth that was selling dried soups and I sampled them and spit the soup out it was so horrible. It tasted like chemicals and plastic. All around me women were buying it (buy 3 get one Free!), snatching it up like it was fresh picked, warm from the sun, garden grown tomatoes! I was amazed! Had my taste changed so much that I was no longer normal?

Yes. Yes it had. I was no longer normal.


Not Food.

Over the Christmas season my taste started to get more normal and it didn't take much, just a nibble here, a small serving there, and suddenly store bought chocolate ice cream topping didn't taste horrible.  It tasted odd, off and un-food like but not spit-it-out-horrible.

I also noticed that my smoothies weren't tasting as wonderful. The processed sugar I was eating made it impossible for me to appreciate the natural sugar in the smoothies.

When you eat real food you crave real food and it becomes your normal. Then you will be appalled by processed food.

And it feels good.


Salt H2O said...

I admire this, and believe everything you say. Part of me is inspired to try it but it's got one huge issue- it's not easy. It seems like a part-time job.

I want to join the vagon, but dang it! I don't have the time. Until then you'll just inspire me to make healthier choices.

Cumorah said...

Ha! Ha! I was one of those buy 3 get one free women! I have bought and used them for the last three years - but you'll be happy to know this year has been different! I purchased them as per usual...but have only used one box. I ate a half bowl, and couldn't finish the rest -it doesn't quite taste 'real' to me anymore either. Must be all the green smoothies we've been drinking around here!

Robin said...

Yay Cumorah! Your healthy habits are working!

salt - Baby steps are nice but you really should jump all the way in. The water is great!

Jasmin said...

So true! Can relate. ;)